We supply a range of competitively priced tubular Glass Perfume
Vials & Closures.  The standard sizes available are as follows :

Capacity        Diameter        Length            Neck Finish

1.0ml              8.00mm         38.00mm           Plug neck
1.5ml             10.00mm        37.00mm           Plug neck
2.0ml             10.00mm        47.50mm           Plug neck
3.0ml             10.00mm        64.00mm           Plug neck
5.0ml             13.00mm        63,00mm           Plug neck

Glass type:  Clear Soda type 3

Plugs:          With or without Clip and with or without Dipstick.

Decoration:  One colour screenprinting.

We are able to offer flexible order quantities - from as little as
5,000 pieces.

If none of the above sizes are suitable then Vials can be
manufactured to customer specific requirements, subject to
minimum order quantities.

Perfume Vials